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The Tampere Town Hall at Keskustori (Central Square)

The status of towns as independently governed units was strengthened during the 1870's due to the thorough reform of municipal administration. In Tampere, it became obvious that the premises of the old and dilapidated town hall were not sufficient to meet the new requirements. The project to build a new town hall was proceeding slowly, and it was only in April 1888 that the foundation stone of the building designed by architect Georg Schreck was laid. The painting work could begin in spring 1889. The S. Koskinen painting company was commissioned with the decorative paintwork of the entrance hall, the stair hall and the festival floor. The painting work for the rest of the premises on the ground floor was given to the local J. Widbom painting company. Salomo Wuorio supervised a group of eight men which included Juho Lahtinen, two brothers called Heinänen and five other painters. The painting work extended from spring to halfway of September, but the town hall was consecrated only in January 1890.

The decorative paintings in the entrance hall on the entrance floor had been painted over at some point, but they were uncovered and restored during other repair work in 1966. The paintings in the festival hall had been preserved almost untouched and they were cleaned in 1977. The Town Hall was renovated during 2003-2004.

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