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The Pori Theatre at Hallituskatu 14

The residents of Pori wanted their theatre building to be as presentable as possible, expenses were not spared, and a great deal of the makers and the material used was obtained from abroad. The construction of the theatre, designed by the Swedish architect J. E. Stenberg, was started in April 1883. The curtain and the decorative paintwork were ordered in winter 1883-1884 from Carl Grabow in Stockholm, who sent Salomo Wuorio to supervise the painting work. Work on the interior was started in spring 1884.

Wuorio had painters Howard Engström and Carl Stolts to assist him. Local master painter Lindh was helping with the painting work on the foyer. A part of the decorative paintings were prepared at the Grabow studio in Stockholm and they arrived at Pori by sea freight in July. The decorations made in Stockholm included at least seven round paintings painted on canvas with oil colour, which were stretched on the ceiling of the auditorium. The oil colour paintings were made by Karl Gustaf Wetterstrand. The set, which was ordered from Grabow and included almost seventy parts, was also made in Stockholm. The Pori theatre building was consecrated in December 1884.

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