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Hilla Tarjanne (ed.) "Seinät kertovat - Salomo Wuorio 150 vuotta" -juhlakirja
The Gerda and Salomo Wuorio Foundation published a jubilee book in 2007 to mark the jubilee year. The book consists of eleven articles that deal with subjects close to Salomo Wuorio's milieu: colour, ornamentation and style. The book is rich with illustration and its appearance has been designed by Jouni Kaipia and Jussi Salmivuori.

Hilla Tarjanne: "S. Wuorio - helsinkiläinen koristemaalausliike"
The S. Wuorio Painting Company and the history of Salomo Wuorio appeared in the Memoria series published by the Helsinki City Museum in 1998. The book was reprinted in 2007.