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      The entrance hall of the Finnish       Literature Society building
      at Hallituskatu 1

In tandem with the painting work of the House of the Estates and the National Archives, Wuorio carried out the decorative painting of the Finnish Literature Society building. The FLS building was Wuorio's first own worksite. The building was designed by architect Sebastian Gripenberg.

Clearing work on the plot donated by the state was started in winter 1888-89. The actual construction work was started off in March 1889 and it continued until the following spring. Work on the building's interior started in spring 1890. Wuorio had several painters assisting him who he had hired for his own painting company, but the most important parts he painted himself. The female figures in the entrance hall are said to be the work of decorative painter Erling. The painting work on the Finnish Literature Society building was completed in July 1890.

The decorative paintings in the entrance hall of the Finnish Literature Society building have escaped being painted over, but the decorations in the festival hall were destroyed in 1934 when the hall was turned into a library in connection with a comprehensive renovation of the building.

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