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National Archives at Rauhankatu 17

In 1886, Gustaf Nyström, who was then only 28 years old, was chosen to design the National Archives. As far as is known, the decorative painting for the building was Salomo Wuorio's first major work in Helsinki. The painting work that had been entrusted with the S. Koskinen painting company were started in September 1889 and continued over the following winter. Wuorio, who supervised the work, had one apprentice to assist him who he had called to work from his home parish. Wilhelm Sjöberg, Wuorio's colleague from Stockholm, carried out the marbling work.

The decorative paintings of the National Archives have mainly been preserved. The old entrance hall and stair hall are prominent examples of the design of the late 19 th century, which idealised presentability and decorativeness.

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