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The Vaasa Town Hall at Senaatinkatu 1

The Vaasa Town Hall , designed by architect Magnus Isaeus from Stockholm , was completed in 1883. At the time, the painting work was carried out by master painter Daniel Pettersson from Vaasa. Already in the 1890's, however, there was a desire to replace the festival hall's dark decorative painting, shaded with blue, green and grey. In 1894, Salomo Wuorio was contacted from Vaasa. Wuorio suggested that the walls and the ceiling would be painted with oil colour instead of the previous glue colour, and decorated with human figures and abundant gilding. The doors would require a new colour too. Wuorio's suggestion was accepted and the painting work of the stair hall, the festival hall and the “Pompeiian room” was completed in October 1896. According to the signings found on the wall of the festival hall, the painters were Hotzeff, F. Hertzen and F. von Essen. The decorative paintings in the festival hall were restored during 1956-57.

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